Emanuela Gatto

Emanuela Gatto was born in Rome in 1978, in 2003 she received a M.Sc. degree in Chemistry (summa cum laude) at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and  in 2007 a Ph.D. in Chemistry, from the same University. In 2007 she has been a Marie Curie fellow at the Division of Applied Physics of the University of Linköping (Sweden). In 2008 she had a postDoc position for one year at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and since 2009 she is Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Science and Technologies of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. In 2014 she received the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor.


  • Semerano prize, as the best Ph.D. thesis in the Physical Chemistry field. Thesis title: “Conformationally constrained peptides as new nanomaterials for electrons and energy transfer”.
  • Best Poster award at EMRS Spring Meeting 2015. Symposium W (Functional Surfaces and Interfaces). Poster Title: “Development of a gravimetric sensor for rapid quantification of a serum tumor biomarker: the Thymidyne Phosphorylase”.
  • “Futuro in ricerca” grant (for young researchers) from the Italian Ministry of Research and Education. Project title: “Lipid based sensor for the detection of tumor biomarkers”.

Her research activity is focused on the study of molecular systems both in solution and on surfaces, by combination of spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. She is currently involved in four major  research lines that span the fields of peptide nanotechnology, bio-inspired functional nanomaterials, bioplastics and liquid biopsy.

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E-mail: emanuela.gatto@uniroma2.it