Mariano Venanzi

Mariano Venanzi received his Ph. D. degree in Chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1988. In 1989 he joined the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Rome as Research Fellow in the Physical Chemistry Group. In 1998 he became Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry in the same university. Prof. Venanzi worked as post doctoral fellow at the Physics Department of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (U.K.) and at Max Planck Institut für Stromungforschung of Göttingen (Germany).

His research interests span from the processes of molecular recognition between chiral species to the study of the photophysical properties of biomolecules in solution and in organized assemblies. In particular, he studied the conformational preferences of oligopeptides (foldamers), antimicrobial peptides (lipopeptaibols) and fluorescent analogs of tryptophan. His current research activity focusses on the application and development of biomimetic systems for molecular electronics. He is author of more than 65 publications.

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